1. Introduction

1.1 Why a charter of the personal data ?

This Personal Charter of Data protection manages the relations between you and the person in charge of data processing personal within Family Avignon to inform you about all the processings related to the use of your Personal data within the framework of the Regulation (EU) General on the Data protection 2016/679 and data protection acts of January 6th, 1978, modified for the www.family3-0.com site.

We wished to simplify this charter at the most to bring you a clear and transparent information about the way your personal data are collected, used and handled.

1.2 What is a personal data ?

It is any Information which allows to identify directly or indirectly a natural person. Name, mailing or electronic address, phone number, your measurements, your size, your age, your weight, IP address are for example personal data.

1.3 Who is the person in charge of your personal data ?

The person in charge of the collection and the data processing is the person or the body which sets the goals and the modalities of treatment of your personal data.

The person in charge of treatment of the site is Emre Mentese, administrative and marketing officer at Family Avignon, a company with a capital of 10 000€ , whose head office is in 4 rue Carnot, 84000 Avignon, registered in the R.C.S Avignon under the number 510 939 796, codes NAF 4771Z, VAT intra: FR 83 510 939 796 Your personal data are the object of a register managed by the Person in charge of Treatment.

2. What data do we collect?

The www.family3-0.com collects your personal data:

  • During your navigation browsing on the Site
  • During the creation of an account on the Site
  • During the validation of your orders
  • During the sending of customer questionnaire
  • During the sending of a complaint in case of problem

Fields mentioned in the forms of collection with an asterisk are compulsory. It is up to you to supply or not the personal data for which we ask. Know that your experience of purchase will be optimal if you agree to supply us your data.

3. What uses do we make of your personal data?

In a general way, you will be informed about the treatments which Family intends to make with your personal data.

The personal data collected within the framework of the navigation are exclusively intended for the recording of the customers for a facilitation during the orders via our digital platform and we from our part during the sending of your commands.

As regards the data collected within the framework of the Customer service Family Avignon, these data are managed by the company.

These data will be the object of possible outside communications other than those planned above no as to satisfy the legal and statutory obligations, or at the request of an administration or of a judicial authority, to answer requirements of National Security, wrestling against the fraud or of law enforcement.

4. What is the shelf life of the data?

Your personal data are preserved the time required for the fulfillment of the objective which was pursued during their collection. For example, when you buy an on-line product or in store, we preserve the data bound to your purchase, so allowing us to execute the specific contract which you accepted and we preserve then the personal data during a period allowing us to deal or to answer complaints, requests of information concerning the purchase.

Your data can be also preserved so that we can continue to improve your customer experience by our side.

The collected data concerning you will be preserved for duration necessary for the fulfillment of the ends described previously, worth knowing 3 years from the date by the end of the business connections, that is, the date of last contact emanating from the customer.

The personal data which concern you can be also preserved longer in conformance with specific legal obligations or with regard to applicable legal limitation periods, as examples:

  • 1 year for the logs of connection as from the last connection;
  • 13 months for cookies as from their deposit on your computer or terminal;
  • 13 months for account ID, if you accepted the system of credit card payment accommodated on a site of on-line sale Family Avignon;
  • 3 years for the data of identification of the customers (name, first name, e-mail address, phone number);
  • Where necessary, all the duration of disputes and until exhaustion of legal remedies.

5. How to access your data and rectify / delete?

According to the European regulation n°2016/679 says General regulation of Data protection and statutory provisions N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 modified, said "Data protection act", you have at any time an access right, a modification, a rectification and an abolition of the data which concern them.

It can be directly exercised by registered mail accompanied with a copy of your ID card to Family Avignon at the following address: SARL(LIMITED COMPANY) FOUR Family, 4 Street Carnot, 84000 Avignon. You can also make your request by e-mail accompanied with a copy of an ID card at the following address: family-avignon@hotmail.fr

The rights which are previously agreed to you go out in your death. You have the right to define directives concerning the preservation, concerning the erasure and concerning the communication of your personal data after your death.

6. What are the measures of security and wrestling against the fraud?

The credit card payment is made via secured sites to guarantee at the most 100% secure transactions.

To secure payments and general functioning of the site, the collected personal data are also handled to determine the level of risk of fraud associated with treatments and with every orders.

According to the results of the made control over the orders, it will be possible to take measures of reassurance, to cancel orders or to prevent orders.

7. How are cookies managed on our platform?

7.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file recorded on the hard disk of your computer at the request of the waiter managing the visited Web site. He contains information on the navigation made on the pages of the site. The objective is to facilitate the later use of the site by the same person and to navigate in a optimal way.

7.2 How does work a cookie?

On your computer it is the sailor Internet To explore, Firefox, Chromium, Safari, etc.) which manages cookies. It is him who receives the order to record them on behalf of the waiter (the principle of cookies been a part of the protocol HTTP used for the exchanges on Web). It is him who records them and it is him also who allows to check them, according to the wishes of the Internet user. We can so forbid any recording of cookie (but the access to numerous sites, or at least the use of their features, is then impossible). The sailors allow to find them, to list them and even to delete them. The sailors allow to find them, to list them and even to delete them. Even if you do not delete them, them disparaitront because they have a best before date, of several months or the "end of session", that is the moment when you leave the site which you visited. 

User identification :

They are used to identify and authenticate the user. They also contain the technical data from the user's session such as, for example, waiting time for connection, session identifier, etc.

Navigational status :

They allow the user's navigation status to be identified (start of the session, first page, first access, scroll status, state of voting, etc.).

User selections :

They store the session values chosen by the user, such as the store, language, currency, products, size, etc.

Favourites and last selections:

They allow the user's favourite selections to be remembered (stores, for example) as well as their last selections (stores, products, cookies installation consent, etc.) in later web sessions.

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